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What is SEO doing to make my site stand out?

That is the exact question I received by email from a client today. You know, it makes me think about how many people really do not understand the Internet and how there are literally billions of websites online at the moment. It is definitely not that people are not intelligent enough to understand. By no means would I ever intend to say that since I understand that the human brain has the capacity to understand things I can’t even begin to comprehend with my current knowledge of the universe.

What I am saying is that, like my knowledge of the universe, not that many people are very educated about SEO and the Internet itself. Many accept, “well, it works” as an answer. And that is great for those who are not business owners who rely on advertising and market positioning as revenue sources. Because search engine ranking is a type of market position, whether we know it or not, and it’s important that we understand on site SEO, link SEO, blog SEO, SEM, and more.

For those of us in business, we have to say, “Okay, I understand my business, now let me get this SEO for Google thing down, and get SEO just right for my business” that way I am not only competitive, but dominating in my own business area. To answer the question about why SEO is working or what is SEO doing, I had to get down to layman terms so it is understandable. The person did not want to hear statistics or jargon, because telling them about an algorithm or mathematical equation would just muddy it up more until they simply gave up. No, what I did was explain that SEO keywords are common things people look for. If your on site SEO content uses those keywords, and Google finds out about it, then your site moves up in their ranking for that set of words. The content on the site itself is also built for the consumer. Its there to let them know, “hey, this is what you are looking for, and not only that, it is the best of what you are looking for as well.” And if the content is not just a repeat of everything everyone else uses, it looks even better.

Expert SEO is also not an overnight process. It takes testing and time, and it takes understanding of the Internet itself. So when we study the specific site for on site SEO, we are looking at how to make it better and stand out from the crowd, a really large crowd, like standing in a completely full stadium with thousands upon thousands still waiting to get in.
As an SEO consultant I state that SEO is working because of how much I work it. I know that may sound a bit redundant, but it is a fact. I work with it until it’s completely perfect for that specific business, and then I make sure to add content to the site, developing a dynamic and fresh site all the time.

So what is SEO doing? Its making your site better than any other site in your business. It’s creating importance in your field, and bringing up your revenues as well.

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