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What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management refers to the process of removing and burying negative information towards a company or person online. The process of dealing with negative information on the Internet relies on SEO skills. I will touch on the various techniques of dealing with negative information. First we must understand the forms of information that may be witnessed online.

Forms of negative information online:

  • Negative comments on ┬ápublic blogs and forums.
  • Negative videos in the form of reviews or rants ie. (Youtube).
  • Negative reviews on Google places.
  • Websites which target companies or people with negative information.

For each one of these forms of negative outlets an SEO company may use anti-SEO or negative SEO techniques. Although these techniques being debatable as to the effectiveness the best proven way is SEO bubbling. The process of burying negative information with positive information. Driving enough positive information regarding a topic in essence elevates positive information while pushing down negative information. This process works best on blogs.

Who requires reputation management?

There are two groups which typically require reputation management.

  • Celebrity reputation online.
  • Company reputation online.

Should you outsource a reputation management company?

The short answer is YES. The reason is because people have freedoms of thought, speech and expression online. You can not simply hire a lawyer to contact a webmaster of a public blog and remove rants about a company to a person who felt ripped off with a purchase. This is why the most effective way to manage reputation online is to hire companies online which already possess the SEO skills to deal with it. Any good SEO company should have the skills to perform the task or you can run a search on companies which specialize in reputation management online.

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