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What is ON SITE SEO?

I wanted to write specifically about on site SEO simply because many SEO consultant views and expert SEO professionals have been keeping a few things in the bag. Sure, everyone has been talking about meta since it first existed, but what they have been keeping inside is site siloing, link SEO, quality of content, and much more that Google looks for in on site SEO.

See the internet is trying to be better for the user, and that means that Google only wants to see fresh ideas, fresh content for business, and definitely content for the readers themselves. If the content of a site is “meh, just like Joe Blows over there…” then it definitely won’t hit the search engines radar. So you have to stand out from the crowd, be different, even if the company is the same as Joe Blows, the site itself, and it’s on site SEO, is just plain out better.

And we are not talking about design either. Many consumers do not even begin to care about the design of a website when it comes to locating a business. Sure, when looking for some music or magazine website, a reader expects the site to have a major design and be glamorous. But business is exactly that…business. So the main focus of expert SEO should definitely be in the content itself.

What do you provide for your customer? What can you tell them about that product/service that can not only entice the customer to visit the store, but also be used in SEO for Google to know that you are providing this service, and that your site is better than anyone other site? That is how you structure your SEO keywords and get SEO exactly right. You want to look at SEM as a very important part of your site since on site SEO is the beginning of everything, and also why every SEO book on the planet talks about it before anything else. So let’s go through the basics of this really fast.

  • Fresh Content: Provide the reader with a new look at the type of business that you provide. Don’t rewrite the same jargon everyone else uses for the business. Attack it from a different angle and surprise the reader, make them feel like you put more effort into it than everyone else.
  • Use the right keywords: Find out what your customers are actually searching for when they look for your business. Using something like “pet store in such and such city” really isn’t going to work. Why? Because this is definitely not what your customers are looking for. They are probably looking for something like “Good dog food for puppies” or “Gold fish food store.” Now that may seem like something that may not be perfect language usage, but people usually write how they speak, and most of the time, that is the case.
  • Silo your site: Site siloing is a pretty large topic, and it’s explained all over the Internet. But to quickly state what it is, it simply means to categorize and put your site in order. Don’t have everything all over the place. Organize your site to create a well-established site that is clean.

Understandably, this is a brief look at the basics; however, it is a beginning. Understanding on site SEO is key, and there will be more to come specifically looking at the different parts of this topic individually to better explain why SEO is so powerful, and so necessary for search engine ranking.

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