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What is Link SEO?

When we think about SEO, we always think about what everyone says, “get your site to the top with the best SEM and search engine ranking” But not one company will explain what they are actually doing, and as a company you should definitely understand what is going on with your site, just like you would with any other advertising outlet. If you put an ad in the daily paper, you know that it will run exactly in this area, and on these days. The same goes with SEO and your website. Especially with both on site and off site SEO.

Link SEO is the type of off site SEO that links back to your site. Though I went into this a bit in a different article here on SEO Toronto, I want to basically lay out the method of how we create link SEO off site and how it affects the main site in different ways. Staying away from negative link SEO that other companies may create, we focus solely on content itself. The reason being that this is the best way to place links on the Internet that point back to your site and tell search engines that your site is worthy enough for better search engine ranking.

So starting from step one, we take the same SEO keywords that we used for the on site SEO and we develop articles that talk about relevant ideas to those keywords. We always want to write our content so that the readers will be content in learning the information we are giving them. This not only makes them want to come back for more, it also helps them to see that you as a company are worth visiting and purchasing from. It provides better trust from the very beginning and lets the reader or consumer know that you have exactly what they need. The content itself is unlike any other on the Internet which is the best for Google and other search engines to see and show as a reliable source of information.

Step two is to take all of this content and break them down into articles, adding a few images and some video that supports the content and helps the article relate the information. Once we know that the entire article is ready for publication, we create more and more of the same type of content (meaning unique and using support) and then prepare all of it for submission across the internet.

Now before we actually publish anything, we have to make sure that they link back to your company website. And we have to make sure that each page we send them to correspond with the information in the article they just read. So even though this is time consuming, the results are very effective and great for your company website. Once all of the content is completely ready for publishing, we use many hours on top of hours to submit the information in many different places on the Internet and once we know that it is published, we prepare those links to the content for indexing and letting Google know that they exist. This part is very important in Link SEO to increase your search engine rankings. It tells search engines where to look for your link online, and then give credit to your site and raise your site up for it.

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