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Website Visibility on Google

Making sure a site is visible on the first page of search engines is crucial for online success. The issue is the inability to fully understand SEO for websites and what actually happens when real expert SEO is applied. What is SEO for Google and On-Site SEO? SEO for Google

Shopping for an SEO company

So you have that perfect website and you’re thinking about hiring an SEO company to grab some of that juicy organic traffic. High hopes of raising in SERPs and ranking to that top spot in Google. You decide to take your shopping online and seek that perfect SEO company. But

Where do you get SEO

Where do you get SEO? The question remains the same simply because online SEO services are everywhere. Search engine ranking is definitely important in online business because of the fact that if a website is not on the first page, it may as well not exist at all. This proves

SEO Reduces Marketing Costs

SEO Actually Eliminates a Ton of Marketing Costs While business is booming, one can consider using a bit of extra cash towards marketing. However, in our current economy, for the small business this may not always be the first choice, especially when some of that budget can go back into

What is ON SITE SEO?

I wanted to write specifically about on site SEO simply because many SEO consultant views and expert SEO professionals have been keeping a few things in the bag. Sure, everyone has been talking about meta since it first existed, but what they have been keeping inside is site siloing, link

What is SEO doing to make my site stand out?

That is the exact question I received by email from a client today. You know, it makes me think about how many people really do not understand the Internet and how there are literally billions of websites online at the moment. It is definitely not that people are not intelligent

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management refers to the process of removing and burying negative information towards a company or person online. The process of dealing with negative information on the Internet relies on SEO skills. I will touch on the various techniques of dealing with negative information. First we must understand the forms

SEO for Google Part 1

Focusing on SEO for Google is a very intricate process, however, it is important to know that if you focus on expert SEO specifically for search engine ranking in Google, you obtain high ranking in other search engines as well. Kind of like saying its by proxy. If you have ever

SEO for Google Part 2

Site Siloing is a little known topic to not only web designers, but also many affordable SEO services as well. The main reason that it is one of the most obscure topics is because it can be very complex, though it simply means to organize a website. Revolving a website

What is Link SEO?

When we think about SEO, we always think about what everyone says, “get your site to the top with the best SEM and search engine ranking” But not one company will explain what they are actually doing, and as a company you should definitely understand what is going on with your site,