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SEO for Google Part 2

Site Siloing is a little known topic to not only web designers, but also many affordable SEO services as well. The main reason that it is one of the most obscure topics is because it can be very complex, though it simply means to organize a website. Revolving a website around a central theme, keeping everything related and on topic, is the general idea in expert SEO and site siloing. However, there can be both simple and intricate steps to accomplishing this feat.

Another foothold for actually using an SEO consultant, site siloing starts with taking your overall theme and categorizing it in levels. Once the top levels are ascertained, the secondary levels are developed. Again, we are starting with the simplest measures of developing structure. What this does is allows grouping to happen in on site SEO. This groups together the topics that are relative to the entire site theme, and helps with SEO keywords and indexing.

Unfortunately, there are many websites that simply think tossing on content is expert SEO and the way to go, without structuring the web site. Those sites that are very structured are the ones at the top of Google, making a case for site readability and theme correspondence.

Clarity is also an issue with site theming. Many websites use a general word like “learn more” to place in their header. What they mean is something else entirely, such as “what you can do to help our cause.” So the category itself is misleading and non-specific to anything relating to the site. To replace that general link, one can identify a bit more into what they are doing, or where they are leading you. So they can change “learn more” to “how you can help” if that is their general idea.

The main navigation bar (the thing that says “home | about us “ and the like) is also a very delicate area as well. Many web designers tend to think that shoving as much as possible up there. This is entirely the opposite of what anyone should be doing. The head of the site is a very important part of the site, thus things like privacy policies, about us, and the like, should be located at the bottom of the site, in the footer. Content that a visitor wants to see, as well as drop-downs for categorization, should be located at the head of the site.

Site siloing is much more complex than can be covered in this one article, but as an introduction to this type of on site SEO, I feel it was important to write about. SEO Toronto is an affordable SEO service that places a very high importance on site structuring. This is just ONE of the many things we focus on as an SEO Toronto company. We position businesses high in search engines because we take the time and effort needed to show how important a business is in their area. Without affordable SEO services many companies fall beyond page 500 in Google and other search engines, and it makes them feel like the Internet is not a viable marketing option, which is completely the opposite of what it really is.

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