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SEO for Google Part 1

Focusing on SEO for Google is a very intricate process, however, it is important to know that if you focus on expert SEO specifically for search engine ranking in Google, you obtain high ranking in other search engines as well. Kind of like saying its by proxy. If you have ever heard of panda and penguin updates, then you should know that they are making huge changes to their algorithm all the time. But for business, this really shouldn’t matter if we focus on the site quality itself. Because that is definitely one of the most important things that Google looks for in all of our SEM strategies.

So we focus on quality, first and foremost. Quality is why SEO is so hard. It means that we as web developers need to maintain content on our sites that are impeccable and do not match any other website on the Internet at least by 85%. This means that we have to find out if our content matches billions of websites. Thankfully there are tools that do this for us like Copyscape. Using their service, we can find out if our content matches other content on the Internet. So we have part one of quality almost taken care of.

The second part of quality in on site SEO is writing for the reader. Engagement is always an issue, especially if the writer is a business owner rather than an author. Its far simpler for Steven King to engage a reader than a local mechanic shop that may have never written anything before (less the mechanic is a natural born writer or enjoys reading and naturally creates a voice). That is one thing about SEO that may actually deter many from high search engine rankings, the ability to write. Its also a deciding factor in contracting affordable SEO services as well. Usually because a business owner has less time to sit around and keep asking “what is SEO today? What changed?” all the time. So when we think of quality writing the first two steps are; reducing the possibility of duplicate content, and writing for the readers engagement.

The third step comes in with relative content. Is what is written corresponding with my overall theme on my site? It is a question we have to stand on every time we sit down to write for our website. Like Blog SEO, our site has to coincide and every article has to mean something so that it makes our site very organized. If we start talking about something off the wall, we toss a monkey wrench in our system when all we are trying to do is get SEO on track.

It also stops us from great site siloing (an extensive topic covered later). So we know that our site has to stay clean, and on topic. By now, if you are a business person in something like auto sales, you are probably wondering how the heck you can maintain content like this that is not duplicate if all your cars are going to match other people’s cars. The answer is easy, being that vehicles change consistently, this makes for a great opportunity to increase SEO as well. Every new listing can be turned into an SEO keyword powerhouse simply because of descriptions and images that can be placed on every listing. The potential is phenomenal for your business.

But again, the main reason why quality is so hard is time and effort. A business owner simply does not have that much time to put in the effort. This is another reason why contracting an SEO consultant like SEO Toronto is the smarter thing to do. We focus on developing this type of quality for you so that you can spend more time on your business, rather than writing for your website.

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