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Expert SEO Is a Necessary Evil

What is SEO good for when it seems like it costs so much, and seems like some mystic thing that many businesses can’t understand? Why is it so important for any business today? These are just two of many common questions we hear often. So often in fact that I find I really need to address the situation first hand. The issue is that many businesses think that SEO is actually an evil technique to get money out of them. I wish this were true, because then every business would be able to just pop a site online and everyone can easily find them with just a few clicks on a smartphone. Boy that would be great. Unfortunately, that is extremely far away from the truth, which sucks because its more work for us to actually make sure that our customers can find us.

SEO is not some mystic ritual that makes business websites magically pop up on the first page of search engine ranking factors. It’s exactly the opposite because it takes a huge amount of work and experience to make this happen. Expert SEO is a necessary evil because it increases ROI on any Internet marketing today. I could say the simple answer is because SEO is actually a factor in all advertisements and websites across the Internet. Each advertisement uses a set of SEO keywords that tell someone that see’s the ad what it is about. So each ad has to represent something, an example would be lawn care. Of course, if one just used the words, “get lawn care” it wouldn’t help anyone that much would it? So specific keywords are used to let the customer know exactly what is offered, and where to get it.

The cost outweighs the fact that any time any potential client searches the internet for a business, the site will pop up and say “hey, I am right here for you to come check out why I am better than everyone else” There is a downside to all marketing…cost. It costs to be on top, it costs to make sure that customers can see you, whether with radio, TV, newspapers, billboards, text marketing, and of course the internet. The real factor is defining which cost will actually work for you to bring in those customers, or just be a waste of money. This is the goal of ad research.

So when we look at the Internet, and think that maybe we can wait on developing a website and beating out the competition, for some reason, we cannot fathom that places like Facebook has millions and millions and millions of visitors on a daily basis… and many of them ask each other about our businesses, and what to look for in GOOGLE. Funny, because it used to be, “Hey mom, what do I look for in the yellow pages for law offices that would take a civil case?” Today its right there on Facebook, “hey, can anyone tell me what to look for in a lawyer right now?” And then that same person hits Google and looks for it.
So yes, SEO for Google and other search engine rankings are absolutely a necessary evil.

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