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SEO for Google Part 3

Again, Google is always the best search engine to focus on. The reason being that Google is the powerhouse, and more often than not, if you rank there, everyone else ranks you as well. And that is just a common understanding in search engine ranking.

Hiring an SEO Consultant vs Learning On Your Own

When we talk about learning SEO on our own for our business website, we have to consider a few things. First, learning on site SEO is definitely not overnight. Most SEO professionals have been in the game for more than 10 years. Second, on site

Business Needs and SEO for Google

When we think about what types of needs a business has in marketing, we immediately think effective, low cost, and high ROI. Internet marketing fits these needs very well when a website is effectively developed and then SEO for Google is added to gain popularity.

Expert SEO Is a Necessary Evil

What is SEO good for when it seems like it costs so much, and seems like some mystic thing that many businesses can’t understand? Why is it so important for any business today? These are just two of many common questions we hear often. So