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About SEOT1 was actually built in April 2012 out of a necessity to rank for the most competitive geographical search term for SEO in all of Canada. A challenge and experiment which was executed with pin-point precision thus obtaining tremendous results. The purpose was simple. Rank a new website for the search term “SEO TORONTO” as fast and high as possible. Why? A simple research in Google keyword tool and using Google’s .ca browser presented the following metrics:

  • Canada local search [broad] keyword tool 14,800
  • Canada local search [exact] keyword tool 3,600
  • seo toronto (without quotes google browser) About 32,700,000 results
  • seo toronto (in quotes google browser) About 1,740,000 results


Aside from ranking for this highly competitive search term, 3 other LSI keywords were also targeted and ranked, “seo services toronto”, “seo rank toronto” and “affordable seo services”.

What were the results?
First page for all keyword terms in under two months despite 2 Penguin updates and during a continuous harsh Panda algorithm which tanked many websites across the Internet landscape.

How can this be possible?
We are a group of computer geek coders with well over 12 years experience in web development and 5+ years of search engine optimization skills. Anticipating, predicting, understanding and cracking googles algorithm code is our hobby.

This is what sets our Internet company apart from all the other competition. We do what we love as a hobby, not a job. We understand what works and prove it by executing results. Almost all SEO companies in Toronto farm out SEO work over seas. Nothing wrong with that but we on the other hand code and do all the work within North America. Every keystroke and function of our team resides in North America. Great pride comes along with being able to provide the lowest cost, most affordable SEO service rates in North America and tremendous satisfaction comes with knowing that we can accomplish all this in our beautiful country Canada.

Aside from this website we run a full array of sites which target nationally coast to coast. If you require SEO services, web developing or consulting feel free to contact us.

Thank you.